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Self Improvement is a key point of DGD's Coaching

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For Men & Women overcoming Fears and seeking Self Development


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Overcoming YOUR FEARS by C Boogie

38 pages eBook made of personal Photos and accounts of my experiences with Fear from a inner city kid from Baltimore to the youngest Soldier in the middle of a war in Iraq

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T-Shirts with great Designs, Workshops with amazing Vibes, Online Courses with that brotherhood approach that you yearn for.


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We are organising a SELF IMPROVEMENT SUMMIT where Men and Women meet-up and share Healthy discussions, Uplifting experiences, Unforgetable moments together. Pay a deposit

  • 4 PM to 10 AM
  • June 5, 2021


You can now access our Online courses made of curated members only motivational Videos, Articles and Lives Webinars to get you to the destination YOU need to reach.

  • after 6 PM
  • Wed and Fri LIVES

Coaching DOM GAMES

The Dom Game Division is about Dominating every aspect of your life. I wear different hats to achieve just that.