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C Boogie is my nickname from Army's days. I always led my soldiers from the front. Being a Combat Veteran cannot stop me from enjoying helping Men and Women to get back safely on their own paths. Life brings you challenges and emotions changing your own abilities to stand back up or fight back. Mental Health often requires for you to seek professional help from a qualified and certified consultant. Mental Fitness is what I am coaching my clients to exercise. I am not able to erase your Mental issues but I am capable of accompanying YOU on your journey to recovery, while following your medical treatments. Mental FITNESS is a complement of Mental HEALTH: you make an active decision to commit and achieve it!


Overcoming YOUR FEARS by C Boogie

38 pages eBook made of personal Photos and accounts of my experiences with Fear from a inner city kid from Baltimore to the youngest Soldier in the middle of a war in Iraq

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Coaching DOM GAMES

The Dom Game Division is about Dominating every aspect of your life. I wear different hats to achieve just that.